Saturday, June 8, 2013

Most Common "DIYer" Landscape Mistakes

Lack of repetition. Often there are so many fun little plants that you can feel the urge to buy one of this and one of that. Unfortunately this leaves a yard completely unorganized and a bit chaotic. I know but thats "how nature does it right?" Wrong. When nature propagates itself a flower disperses its seeds sometimes 50 or a hundred of them right near where it currently grows, thus nature repeats! Nature plants in mass. If you want a "natural" looking yard, do like nature does and repeat! No focal points Random Rocks too small Too large of evergreen trees. Often "cute" little evergreens are bought and planted without any thought of the size they can easily get. A large evergreen can easily swallow the whole yard. Make sure whatever evergreen you do buy will stay the size you need to stay proportional to the rest of the yard.

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